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This just in: The Dirty Projectors make beautiful, strange, unique music.
It's not really news, but it is something that we should be reminded of every once in a while. The Lyric of the Day affords us the perfect opportunity for this reminder. The song is "Two Doves," from the critically acclaimed 2009 record Bitte Orca.
"Geranium killer
Throat of soil and mind like stone
Please don't defend a silver lining
Around the halo of what is already shining"
The Dirty Projects are awesome for a lot of reasons, but what sticks out in so much of their music is the seemingly 'off' timing of their instruments and lyrics. They constantly play on off beats and in strange time signatures, and I'm never really able to catch on to the rhythm of a lot of their songs.
It keeps me on my toes, and I love it.
You should probably go listen to Bitte Orca in its entirety, beginning right now.
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ohh man. I love some killer lady vocals and guitar pickin’. This is my kinda music!