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Does anyone remember that card I wrote about my date who said Puerto Rican food is boring?
Since he only really didn't experience the Puerto Rican cuisine (he only had a pork chop in Puerto Rican -- like really, dude?), I think it would only be fair that he actually tries other great dishes.
If you're interested in making a great Puerto Rican dinner for your loved ones (or yourself), I've got a great recipe you can use that's easy to follow. ^_^

Who Cares About Lasagna, We Have Pastelón

Just like a lasagna, this casserole is layered. However, it's like, ten times better. Here's a card recipe I posted HERE!

It's Better Than Cheesecake, It's Flan

This dessert sort of taste like cheesecake, but it's far tastier. For an easy recipe on how to make flan, check this out Leche Flan recipe from @cupcakelady.

Sangria, anyone?

Surprise your date with a fresh bottle of sweet sangria. You can either make it yourself, or buy it. For an easy sangria recipe, check this card out on how to make Sparkling White Peach Sangria from by @rachelykim.

Now your date is going to want to hoard all of the left overs.

You forgot the Coquito!
Cool, it might be like ponche that we make here, also for Xmas :)
Is a drink we make for xmas time. You can have it natural or virgin! And there's different types. I'll look for the recipe for you @buddyesd
I made a card, it's in my collection titled stuff. it has a picture of chocoflan @alywoah
what is coquito @FrancheskaOrtiz?
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