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So the other night I had a totally weird dream where Kyungsoo showed up?
It's a long story but I was at some football game and everyone had to stand up to sing the national anthem and I looked to the section near me and saw Kyungsoo standing there with one of my guy friends...
I forget the rest really but why Kyungsoo!?

Why do you have to be creepy and show up in my dreams?!


Has this happened to anyone else? Who has shown up in your dreams? (or nightmares hahah)

Omg yes!! I had the most beautiful happiest dream of my life! I was right outside my house looking out into the empty field, then i see all the BIGBANG members walking in my direction looking all chill and happy, in my mind I was searching for GD and I knew that he was there, but for some reason in my dream TOP is the one that stood out, and when the reached my house they came inside and we had fun time just like friends but TOP was the nicest one to me and we talked a lot! :D (≧∇≦)/ I literally woke up happy, smiling, and giggling to my self, I think I creeped my sister out lol!
I had an adult dream about Rain. back when he was all I knew lol
I dream about them all the time! I have the very fortunate (or unfortunate) ability to dream about what ever I was focusing on before I went to sleep. So I dream about the guys in BTS and EXO all the time! I even had a dream once that I bought out luhan and Kris's contracts from SM and went off on Kris. And told him I didn't like him at all but he had talent and that's was the only reason I was buying his contracts. Lol I'm rather mean in my subconscious
HAHA YES!!! I had so many dreams about me and BTS even last night I had a dream when I want to a fan meet of theirs and it was breathtaking I literally didn't know what to do, but somehow I meet with Jungkook backstage and he asked me a bunch of questions, it seemed like he was interested in me OMO 😍, after that I can't remember what happened but that's what I remembered 😭
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