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So the other night I had a totally weird dream where Kyungsoo showed up?
It's a long story but I was at some football game and everyone had to stand up to sing the national anthem and I looked to the section near me and saw Kyungsoo standing there with one of my guy friends...
I forget the rest really but why Kyungsoo!?

Why do you have to be creepy and show up in my dreams?!


Has this happened to anyone else? Who has shown up in your dreams? (or nightmares hahah)

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i dreamt i was with bts and i was chatting with kookie and suga was staring at me jealous and i assumed it was cause he knew kookie used to be my crush ande and suga were probably dating in the dream lol
Jimin from bts and Jackson from got7 came on one of my dreams. it was the best ♡♡♡♡♡♡
bts and it was very creepy but still loveable
I've had way too many dreams with way too many idol lol but Yongguk is always ther ♡♡
YAS!!! When I first got into K-pop and EXO I dreamt that me and my sister met Kai and Baekhyun and my sister was talking to them like they were chinois friend while I was like "WTF IS HAPPENING???"😂😂😂 Never gonna forget about that dream😂🙌🏻