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Whether it's your first date or your fortieth, dressing for a date can vary based on where you're going, what you're doing, and the vibe you're trying to give off. No matter what, dressing with confidence will provide the basis for a great date, as you'll feel great in your own skin (and also in your clothes!) and that will shine through, making you really sparkle to your date. In terms of actually picking out the clothes, figuring out what to wear on a date can be tricky. Let me make that easier for you.
If you're going to dinner and a movie...
Movie theatres are notoriously freezing, so a little dress is impractical and uncomfortable. You don't have to feel frumpy, but your favorite skinny jeans will look flattering and be nighttime appropriate, keeping you warm all the same. Try a slinky pretty cami or tank, and bring a slouchy sweater to pull over it in the theatre. I recommend heeled booties, but flats or sandals will do as well.
If you're going dancing...
Now is the time to break out a fun and flirty dress. That being said, anything too short will risk flying up, and anything too tight is more clubwear reserved for a night with your friends (if at all, really). A fit and flare dress that's lightweight will be cute and flattering, and a fun print with detail like embellishment or a ruffle or two will add some fun. If you can dance up a storm in heels, wedges are the comfiest option; pick a pair with a wooden platform. If you want to be comfortable and can't bother with a heel, flats or a cool sandal will look equally good.
If you're going for drinks...
A little slinky dress works, but I recommend upping your fashion game with a sleek romper. If it's more of a casual scene (hello, dive bars!), try darkwash skinny jeans or a denim mini with a loose tank tucked in. If you have a tank that shows off your sides, layer a pretty bralet underneath for a bit of sex appeal. This is not the time to wear your best silk blouse, because you don't want to worry about beer spills, sweating nervously, and all around looking more concerned with your clothes than your date.
If you're going to a picnic, barbecue, or anything outdoors...
Since it's the summer and temperatures are rising, an outdoor date may sound appealing, but you also have to worry about keeping cool along with looking cool. Opt for a short romper over a dress in case you'll be sitting on the ground, but high waisted shorts and a fun top will be the best combination. Try an off-the-shoulder top for a flirtier style, and avoid anything heavy that will easily make you sweat. Avoid heels for the grassy terrain, and stick with cute flat sandals.
If you're staying in...
Now is the time to look and feel most comfortable, without being in sweats. Skinny jeans are fine, but pick a pair with a lot of stretch for cuddling up on the couch comfortably. If it's a more casual vibe, a pair of leggings layered with a tunic will look both fashionable and casual. Dress up a slouchy tunic or tee with a leather jacket, which can obviously be removed for cuddling! Wear flat sandals a pair of booties and layer on some necklaces so you don't look like you never leave the house, but also not out of place curled under a blanket.
If you're going on what could be your hundreth date...
Dating and preparing for dates becomes a different game, one that no longer feels like a game at all, if you've been seeing this person forever. I've found that when you're in a relationship, the more time passes, the less anxiety plays into things like what to wear. Instead, you can wear whatever you want, but you might keep your partner's preferences in mind, like if there's a top or a pair of earrings you know they love. You can't really go wrong anymore, and if they don't love what you're wearing, it's a quirk or material for some light joking, but no disaster.
Thanks to @allischaaff for reminding me of the importance of date night dressing!
@jordanhamilton so glad to hear it! I'm jealous of your date :)
Love this card! I'm going on a sushi date today and I feel somewhat underdressed, but I feel casually appropriate. This card was right on time :)
don't be jealous at all ! lol but thank you!! it's only the second one and hopefully not the last :)