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Looking for a new drama to watch? Every week, I'll be highlighting a few of my favorite K-dramas and talking about why they are worth a shot. Hope you find your next K-drama here! ^_^
What's the drama? Ji Heon (Ji Sung) and Mu Won (Kim Jaejoong) are rival executives at the company that they work for. Ji Heon is immature and restless and Mu Won is smart and hardworking. Mu Won hires the quirky and tough Noh Eun Seol as the secretary for Ji Heon. Set on keeping her job, she helps Ji Heon overcome his childishness and focus his attention on work. However, as time passes, both Ji Heon and Mu Won fall for Eun Seol. Now, not only are they competing to be the next leader of the company, but also for Eun Seol's heart. Who will win?
Why is it great?
1. Kim Jaejoong!
Jaejoong is not only a great singer but also a talented actor. I've seen a few of his dramas and they were all pretty good. In this drama, Jaejoong starts out as a tough smart guy but brings out all the feels when he gets emotional as he falls for Eun Seol. This is probably one of the very few dramas that might make you root for both leads, since they're both charming in their own ways. Can you imagine Jaejoong trying to get you to like him? Lol.
2. Ji Sung acting childish
If you liked the drama Kill Me, Heal Me, you'll love Protect the Boss! Ji Heon is a combination of the sassy yet childish personality that some of his personas have in Kill Me, Heal Me. And the best part is that Ji Sung pulls it off perfectly. It's never weird or cheesy, but simply hilarious. Especially him trying to stand his ground with Eun Seol and compete with Mu Won. Totally makes the drama worth the watch!
3. The bromance
Okay, I'm not really sure this qualifies as bromance but I think it might. They do fight a lot at the beginning since they are rivals at work. It gets even more intense when they both fall for Eun Seol. However, you can tell that they still somewhat care and worry for each other, seeing that they are cousins. And as in all dramas, things work out for the best in the end. How adorable is it when two of your biases have bromance in a drama?
4. Badass female lead
I love when the female leads stand their ground to the male leads. She cares about her career and goes the extra mile to make sure Ji Heon doesn't mess things up, but also cares for him and helps him out as a friend. She is thankful to Mu Won for getting her the job but doesn't go low in front of anyone. She's an awesome character and if you love strong female leads, you'll enjoy this drama.
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Here's a short trailer for Protect the Boss!

that was one of my favorite dramas!!! I ♡ it
@sarahmoss I will do my best to recommend something you might have not seen :)
@poojas looking forward to the next kdrama u suggest! Ive seen so many that i could use some suggestions and hopefully one i haven't seen
@sarahmoss Wow, nice!! @sherrysahar I am glad you are liking it ^^ and yay, badass female characters :D
@poojas I am watching nd loving this drama now it's really sooo much fun I completely love the badass female character nd other characters nd this show sooo much ♥♥♥
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