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All to often I hear "like a girl", and instantly the conversation is insulting, negative, and submissive. Think about it, have you ever heard someone say,
"Tackle him like a girl would"
"Go in there and make them a woman."
"It's not a big deal, grow a vulva already"
Yeah, I didn't think so. The phrase "like a girl" usually goes more like this...
"ugh, you play like a girl."
"Bro, you sound like such a girl right now"
"Don't be such a p***sy"
"I'll be fine, they hit like a girl anyway"
None of that sounds positive. In fact, simply being called a girl is the most insulting thing you can call a kid, teen or adult male.
Whats worse is the fact that once puberty hits, girls start to also believe that doing anything "like a girl" means doing something weaker, more clumsily, and usually worse then a man would.
Thanks to this AMAZING campaign from Always, a popular brand of pads and tampons (or as Huffington post phrased it "the things women use during their period" *eye roll*) created an amazing video about what people truly think #likeagirl means. And then they brought out real, younger girls, to see what they think #likeagirl means.
And the results for the same phrase are very different.
Check it out below and be ready to be mind blown.
Between the years of 10-12 a girls self-confidence plummets. Using like a girl to describe anything will make her self-worth plummet as well.
We as a whole need to rethink what it means to do anything Like A Girl, for the sake of our mothers, sisters, and daughters.
"Because why can't running like a girl also mean winning the race?"
@missophiestik yes and every single person comes from a woman, so i don't understand how being a woman can even begin to be an insult. But i understand that it has been conditioned to be that way. Men and Women use that phrase and don't realize they are speaking about themselves, their mothers, sisters, ect. we need to change the way society views females!
Betty White said, "why do people say grow a pair when balls can't take even the slightest hit. They should say, grow a vagina cause it can take a pounding." I'm not sure if that's the exact quote, but that's what I remember. At least that's the general idea of what she was saying.
@buddyesd its just so dumb and actually really effects the mentality of boys and girls everywhere!
I don't know why hit like a girl is a negative some of the women in my family can hit really hard
@RachelHansen haha well Betty white knows what she's talking about!!
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