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Unrealistic TV Apartments That Make Every New Yorker Jealous

As I sit in my tiny bedroom with no air conditioning, I watch Carrie Bradshaw bask in the hugeness of her awesome West Village apartment on Sex and the City. How can she afford this on a writer's salary?! And then I's just a TV show. Television is full of unrealistic New York City apartments that make us real-life New Yorkers totally jealous, but we've got to remember, they're all too good to be true.
This picture doesn't even do the entire apartment justice (remember the giant closet??) There's no way that a small newspaper columnist could afford this apartment! I did a little investigation and found out that this apartment in the West Village sells for $600,000. Maybe Mr. Big could afford this, but no way in hell Carrie could!
In HIMYM there are several roommates splitting the rent in this apartment, but I still don't buy it! A little research proved that the gang's hangout would probably go for around $5000 a month. Not as bad as I thought, but I doubt Lily's shopping habits and Marshall's unemployment in the first few seasons could afford it.
Most people are living the life of luxury on Gossip Girl - except the Humphrey's. They're supposed to be much less well off than the rest of the characters and yet, they afford this pretty amazing Brooklyn apartment. This DUMBO apartment would probably sell for $6000 a month.
Another unrealistic West Village apartment belongs to Monica and Rachel in Friends. With the huge kitchen, huge windows and a huge living room, this one could be purchased for around $2.5 million. Somehow I don't think a Central Perk salary could afford that!
Seinfeld's Upper West Side apartment might be the most realistic because Jerry seems fairly financially stable throughout the series. Either way this apartment with one bedroom, plenty of office space, a huge living room and a reasonably-sized kitchen would sell for around $900,000.
Most of these apartments are the hangout spot for the show's group of friends. My place is barely big enough for one person, so all of these are giving me tons of apartment envy!!!
We will get there one day!!! Keep hope alive ladies :)
Ugh I want an apartment like the Friends apartment (or any of them honestly) so badly and it will never happen
This was an amazing card!!! Definitely informative and all of these apartments were so amazing, but so not realistic. I always thought they were actual apartments and not just tv shows lol
Yep @Gavriella that is the dream.....maybe one day
Haha @jordanhamilton I feel you, these apartments felt so real when you were watching the shows! I wish we could all afford to live the way our favorite tv characters did lol
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9 Times the Clothes on Gossip Girl Were Too Good to be True
Gossip Girl was a great guilty pleasure show for so many reasons, and fashion was a central element. Who didn't see Serena and Blair's gorgeous wardrobes and get envious chills? While the designer labels are unattainable for obvious reasons, the clothes worn were also unrealistic and outrageous aside from their giant price tags. I'm calling out the show for ten times they gave us unrealistic fashion aspirations. 1. When all of these looks were passable school uniforms. I've always been confused what exactly the dress code of Constance Billard asked its students to wear, as their variations of black, white and pink with neckties are questionable to say the least. From button-up blouses to cotton tees and neck flowers, the students look anything but uniform in their ensembles. 2. When Blair made colored tights a legitimate trend. I can attest that Blair's penchant for brightly-colored tights made the style so appealing that plenty of girls both on and off-screen (okay, maybe me included) flocked to buy them. In reality, neon tights are a questionable choice for everyday, especially for what's supposed to be a prim and proper look. Black and sheer patterned tights are one thing (that she pulled off as well), but bright red or yellow gams are tough for even the queen herself to wear. Blair could have done us all a favor by sticking with neutrals. 3. When Serena pulled off this many ruffles. No one could wear a dress composed of yellow ruffles and still look as heartbreakingly beautiful as Serena did to her mother's wedding. It aptly looks like a bridesmaid's nightmare of a dress, but Serena is modelesque wearing it nonetheless. The heavy black belt and neck flower are also questionable additions that I'm sad to say few could pull off like she did. 4. When Vanessa went pantsless to a party and looked both normal and, actually, good. Okay, so it was a beach-themed party, but it was also in a college dorm, and while a bikini top and shorts might be somewhat acceptable for this kind of soiree, a top without pants isn't quite normal. Of course, Vanessa, looked amazing and no one questioned her bare legs. 5. When Serena wore this dress and didn't look remotely like a bride. I've never been to a legitimate white party like the one in the Hamptons that the gang attended, so maybe I'm wrong, but usually if someone wore what Serena wore here, they would look downright bridal. Blair's white minidress (not pictured) looked party-ready, and Serena looked her usual gorgeous, and no one thought that her formal white maxidress was anything unusual for a teen to don. 6. When Jenny Humphrey was allowed to wear any of this. I was never at all sympathetic to Jenny Humphrey's rebellion. Sure, it's hard being middle class next to a sea of one percent teens, but Jenny still seemed pretty fortunate to me. I for one would kill for her huge Brooklyn loft, but maybe that's just me. When the youngest Humphrey left the house in any of these butt-grazing skirt and fishnet combos, my jaw dropped and I wanted to cover that girl up, fast. New York City can be a scary place, and it helps to wear pants out there. 7. When Blair pulled off this much yellow. How come I see this look and can only think about how much I want that skirt? But seriously, if anyone in their right mind wore a yellow blouse with a mostly-yellow skirt and topped it off with yellow heels, yellow bracelets, and an almost-yellow necklace and purse, they would look more like a failed Big Bird costume than anyone chic. 8. When "easy breezy" Serena could walk in any of her heels. For a character who appears to float by on a heavenly cloud, Serena sure clunks around in a lot of sky-high stilettos that would leave any of us stumbling to our ankle-breaking doom. Sometimes it seems out of character that the casual character doesn't opt for flats or even sneakers- we know she would pull them off seamlessly. 9. When this was an (almost) acceptable first day of college outfit. So Blair deservingly got some flack for her look starting classes at NYU, and I really can't blame her. This seems like a pretty good outfit to wear on a first day of work in an office, maybe minus the headband. Sadly, college wear more closely resembles festival wear than anything requiring this much polish. Blair could have done herself a favor by opting for some nice denim, but when have we ever seen her in denim? If only we could all afford to accessorize with shopping bags as often as Blair and Serena did. Ugh, Gossip Girl fashion. You kill me but I love you still.
Chữ nổi inox lồng mặt mica thương hiệu sơn OSEVEN
Nếu quan tâm đến những mặt hàng quảng cáo từ chất liệu mica, bạn có thể xem qua các mẫu chữ mica hút nổi hoặc loại hình thông thường có phần khung inox cố định. Ngày nay, những sản phẩm này được đánh giá rất cao về tính thẩm mỹ. Không chỉ ở đa dạng màu sắc biểu thị, mà còn là khả năng dẫn sáng tuyệt vời từ chất liệu. Do đó, loại hình này thường được kết hợp gắn thêm đèn. Trong nội dung dưới đây, VietNet xin giới thiệu đến bạn bộ chữ nổi inox lồng mặt mica thương hiệu sơn OSEVEN do chúng tôi thực hiện thời gian qua. Mong rằng sẽ hỗ trợ tốt nhất cho quá trình mua hàng bạn! Một số hình ảnh: Bộ chữ được làm từ inox 304 vàng xước cho phần khung và mặt mica đỏ. Bên trong có lắp thêm led. Vật liệu sử dụng có độ dày phù hợp, bề mặt nhẵn mịn, cứng cáp, có khả năng chống chịu hiệu quả trước các tác động môi trường. Kích thước tổng thể tương đối lớn. Đường nét nhất quán, cân đối và hài hòa. Phần hông uốn nổi dày dạn. Các bộ phận ghép nối vừa khít và cố định chắc chắn vào nhau, hướng đến hiệu quả thông tin trọn vẹn. Những hình ảnh khác: Với những kinh nghiệm và thành tựu đạt được, VietNet tự tin chính là địa chỉ gia công tốt nhất mà bạn có thể tìm đến để đặt hàng. Các sản phẩm tại công ty chúng tôi luôn có chất lượng đảm bảo, từ nguồn vật liệu cao cấp và quy trình tạo hình nghiêm ngặt. Bên cạnh đó, mẫu mã của chúng cũng rất đa dạng, với giá cả vừa tầm, giúp bạn dễ dàng lựa chọn. Nếu có nhu cầu nhận báo giá và tư vấn, vui lòng liên hệ với chúng tôi theo các thông tin sau: Địa chỉ: số 52A, đường số 2, khu phố 6, phường Hiệp Bình Phước, quận Thủ Đức, TP. Hồ Chí Minh Hotline: 0946.161.807 hoặc 0901.399.292 (gặp Mr. Cường) Hotmail: Xem thêm: Mẫu chữ inox lồng mặt mica cho thương hiệu sơn OSEVEN
Which TV Couple Are You and Your Significant Other?
TV is full of cliche couple types, but like they say, they're cliches for a reason. I'm willing to bet that plenty of you Vinglers in relationships can relate to a couple of these couples. Chuck & Blair You're the power couple. Only your significant other really understands why you're so motivated to be the very best. You're both independent and can do your own thing, but at the end of the day, you want to come home to each other. While you might have a bit of a complicated past, it was all worth it for the loving place you two are at in your relationship now. Jim & Pam You're the funny couple. You two bond over jokes, pranks and a shared sense of humor. You were best friends before you dated. You're the couple that everyone knew would end up together, it just took you guys a while to get there. Ross & Rachel You're the on again off again couple. You've been friends, you've dated, you've broken up and gotten back together plenty of times. You two have a bumpy past, but in the end, you always come back to each other. Marshall & Lily You're the goofy couple. You've got funny nicknames for each other, an adorable story of how you first met and you're so in sync that you constantly finish each other's sentences. The two of you have been together for so long and are so perfect for each other that everyone sort of just sees you as one. Carrie & Mr. Big You're the passionate couple. Your past is definitely a little rocky and you've both been with other people, but this relationship is always in the back of your mind. You can't stand to watch the other with someone new, you fight constantly when you're together, but for some reason, it's all worth it. I've always wanted to end up in a relationship like Jim & Pam, but that might just be because I'm in love with John Krasinski. Which TV couple are you and your significant other most similar to?