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Hayley Atwell is having none of Hollywood's sexism.

Footage of the Women Who Kick Ass panel from SDCC has finally been released, and it was exactly as candid and encouraging as we could have hoped for. Featuring Gwendoline Christie, Gal Gadot, Jenna Coleman, and Kathy Bates, the panel gave these amazing actresses the opportunity to discuss their role models, their work, and the obstacles women still face in Hollywood today.

Here was Atwell's response when she was asked whether or not she's ever objected to a line written for her character in the script.

Click through the images to see the entire response.

Atwell has not been silent on the need for more diversity and representation in the media.

She previously told Hitflix that: "I think it's much harder these days to identify moments of sexism," she said. "Because they just have very sophisticated ways of hiding themselves."
It can be very disheartening as a fan to see female characters constantly sidelined, written as caricatures or props, and not acknowledged as valuable parts of the story. It's alienating and frankly boring to see the same tired tropes recycled over and over again. So it's encouraging to see a panel full of women who have played different and exciting roles with depth and strength.

The panel of course was not perfect.

While the women on the panel are all brilliant and talented, there were no women of color present. That's a huge audience and an extremely important perspective when it comes to sexism and representation in the media. And while the panelists were extremely encouraging, it felt like there weren't many solutions being offered about the problems they were discussing. Hopefully the success of the panel will encourage more like it.
Me too @allischaaff and it's really good to see people listening too. Women have been saying these things for years, but the more power they have in the industry, the more likely people are to take them seriously
Glad someone's encouraging these conversations!
this is great, and I'm happy for there to be a discourse about this stuff, but I just get tired of mediocre white women championing for diversity and not doing anything to help WoC and QWoC
Good for her. Being an actress myself, it's tough to make people listen. Even at the collegiate level I had some issues with people telling me to over-do things simply because of my appearance. I hope more women like Hayley Atwell keep coming forward to fight for what is right, because Hollywood needs help man.
@VinMcCarthy I really wish someone from the audience had asked about that since a lot of the women on the panel have a history of advocating for more diversity (Hayley Atwell in particular seems to have been as vocal as humanly possible about more representation for PoC). I'm more disappointed in the people who were running the panel. Gina Torres would have been a great addition to the group.