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If you're a makeup junkie like myself, you know that we can easily flood the bottom of our bags without even realizing it.

Although it's easier said than done, detoxing your bag and only carrying essential beauty items with you on a daily basis -- not only makes it easier to find the products, but it also allows you to be clutter free.
We all have our personal favorite products we carry with us day in and day out, but there are a couple products you should have that you're missing. If you want the products minus the clutter -- these six beauty products will make your days easier and your skin radiant.

Lip Moisturizer

Everyone needs an amazing chapstick or for the fancier ladies, a lip moisturizer. Our lips can get rather dry throughout the day, especially in the cooler months. To ensure that your lips are soft and moisturized, always keep a small tube in your bag. You will be glad you have it.

Facial Wipes

For those humid days when oil and dirt gets the best of your skin, it's best that you have facial wipes handy. These babies will clean up your oily issue and no time, allowing your skin to feel refreshed and clean within a matter of minutes. Not sure what facial wipes will work best for your skin type, see here.

Waterproof Mascara

Whether you went jogging on your break or just shed a few tears, having waterproof mascara on you at all times is great for those perfect and quick touch ups throughout the day.

Roll On Perfume

Instead of hauling around your huge bottle of your favorite scent, purchase yourself a roll on. It's convenient and will keep you smelling amazing throughout the day.

Transluscent Powder

Transluscent powder is literally any makeup lovers best friend. It's affordable and it makes oil disappear within seconds. Oily t-zone? Don't even trip. Keep a jar of this good stuff on you at all times and you will never have to worry about how flawless you're looking after an 8-hour shift.

Favorite Lip Product

You have your lip moisturizer, but you definitely always need to have your favorite lip product on you at all times. Switch it up daily and you'll never have to worry about your lipstick wearing off throughout the day. Pops of color are perfect for a subtle look, to figure out if purple lipstick is your color (see here).

What's Your Go To Beauty Product You Keep On You Daily?

@jordanhamilton That's kind of you to say. I actually am a novice when it comes to skincare. And as far as beauty, I take all my cues from experts out there. The best beauty advice I could ever give, which sounds trite, is CONFIDENCE. Believe in YOU and OWN it!
Yes! Jane Fonda looks amazing. I definitely agree it's all about how well you take care of your skin from a young age. Continue to throw tips my way. Your like the beauty guru of Vingle! I love it. @marshalledgar
Everyone should start now. I see so many girls trying to play catch-up in my age bracket. I look at the men my age and think, They look like my dad! I don't mind getting older, it's the process of aging that I am trying to defy! LOL The aim is to look 10-15 years younger than you really are. Jane Fonda is in her 70s yet she looks like she flexes between 40s and 50s. That's astonishing!
great way to look at it!!!! I guess that means I should start now lol you're literally the best. I need to engage in beauty talk with you more often...DEFINITELY! @marshalledgar
honestly, the biggest secret to flawless skin (later in life) is diligent care and maintenance of skin IN THE EARLY YEARS! don't wait until you see wrinkles, because by then, it's almost too late. it's like don't do it when you see dirt. you do it before the dirt shows up. lol That serum is a miracle cream, and it's THICK!!!
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