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This week Obama commuted 46 Nonviolent Drug Offenders, in an effort to intensifying a campaign to overhaul the nation’s criminal justice system.
In a recent survey discovered that the number of nonviolent criminals granted clemency during his time in office more than doubled. Spending over 80 billion dollars in the criminal justice system.
The President also gave a speech to the N.A.A.C.P. in Philadelphia, outlining how he plans to to create proposals for revamping the juvenile and criminal justice systems, including sentencing guidelines, and to call on Congress to act this year.
But what does this mean for his opinion on drugs? Or even a drug that’s becoming more lax in some states: cannabis.
We all know that the president smoked weed back in the day. He mentioned it in his 1995 memoir, Dreams from My Father, by state he enjoy “maybe a little blow” as a young man.
Well, will he relax a bit and allow marijuana to be legal? Take a chill pill of sorts...
Critics say: No. He’s a little to worried about the opinion of GOP reps.
Dan Skye Editor-in-chief of the HIGH TIMES Magazine had some thoughts on the subject:
“In Obama’s first four years, there were more federal raids than in Bush’s first four years. It was disgraceful—and this was after they said they would not go after medical marijuana businesses.”
He goes on to criticize Obama even more...
"The war that the government has waged on its citizens to forcibly stop them from using marijuana has been tragic and costly: 15 million arrests, a soaring prison population, families destroyed, billions of tax dollars wasted…"
Is Obama turning a new “leaf” or is he worried about the party opinions? Will he chill with the War on Drugs, or keep on pushing?
All the people he pardoned were in for cocaine (pretty much all), not weed, which is interesting. Definitely aiming for the title "freeing nonviolent drug users" statement not actually necessarily supporting cannabis law changes
Hopefully he's able to come to some sort of compromise. Drug laws are all sorts of inconsistent in our country these days.
Yes, I read that @drwhat! But I think it brings about a bigger issue of the war against drugs. And I wonder if this brings about a new discussion with the strict enforcement.
Yeah, @alywoah it’s interesting because his opinions on it say, “yeah it’s fine.” but his actions say, “STOP ALL DRUGS!” so it’ll be interesting what happens before his term is over...
Haha I thought this was gonna be about Obama using drugs because of the title lol. Great read. I guess only time will tell what will happen with cannabis & drug laws in the USA.