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We all know that Kpop fans are crazy (especially the Vinglers) but just how crazy are you?

Check out this list and add up your points to see exactly how much of your sanity has been taken away by these ridiculous idols and their insanely catchy music and personalities:

- You've spent more than 3 hours straight on YouTube watching Kpop-related videos
- You've stayed up all night for a music video to be released
- You've named a pet after a Korean idol
- You can recognize your bias even if you only see their hands or feet
- You know K-idol birthdays better than your own friends' birthdays
- You started studying Korean (extra point if you already know the alphabet!)
- You started eating certain foods cause your bias likes them
- You start to dress like your bias
- You know more than one Kpop dance
- You learn the fan chants and chant along with broadcasts on your computer
- You've cried over an MV
- You learned to play around with photoshop to make Kpop edits
- Thunder, Key, and Dragon, aren't things or animals, they are Korean guys
- Your parents and friends can now name Korean idols or know at least one song
- You remember idol names but dont remember to do your homework
- You feel like you already know all the cool neighborhoods in Seoul
- You have crazy nicknames for your fav idols
- You consider switching biases like cheating your your BF/GF
- You have a secret bias you've told no one about
- You talk to K-idols in your head
- You have more Kpop friends on Vingle than in real life
- You would talk about Kpop all day if someone would let you
- You've read a fanfiction (don't deny it!!!)
- You've dreamt of becoming a trainee
- You know every idols stage name AND real name
- You know your bias' sleeping habits (don't wake up Suga)
- You had serious issues making your Fantasy Group
- You see no end to your love of Kpop, you're in this for life

Add up your points (it's out of 29!) and put your score in the comments!

Slightly Sane

1-10 Points

You're still getting there, slooowly being sucked into the black hole that is Kpop. Hang out with us more and you'll be trapped in no time :)

Barely Holding On

11-19 Points

The end is near....YOU'RE ON THE DARK SIDE. WELCOME. You've still got some sanity left though, but don't worry dear...we'll take care of that!

So Far Gone

20-29 Points

HELLO FELLOW CRAZIES, ISN'T LIFE GRAND?! Kpop has taken over our lives but thats totally okay with us. It makes us laugh, cry, and feel pretty insane, but at least we have each other and will always have our biases. *Group hug everybody!*
Yep, I'm so far gone, and once your so far gone, there's no turning back😁😁😁
lol -- I lost track haha && I didn't just read fanfics I wrote one :3
22...with the extra point <.< sweet geezus far gone here too. Don't bother sending help Lol.
So far gone that I'm trying to audition to be T.O.P in a girl group version of BigBang (in my head ofcourse xD)
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