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@AngelJoong86 set a kpop challenge to show how insanely obsessed we all are so here is my go XD starting with my kpage and background.
Some of my pics for my fandom app lockscreen
My second lock screen with my idol lockscreen (yes I have 2, well actually 3 with my phones too which has Woobin from boys over flowers, go woobin!)
inside my kpop folder
My soundcloud is no where near done but i have a good amount atm
My Spotify
My photo albums if kstuff XD I might have a problem...
The idol fandom app updates me on any facebook, twitter, or IG updates from all the groups I've checked
and of course my new source of obsession Vingle XD
So anyway My name is ViVi and I have an addiction to kpop!
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@poojas it only looka organized lol
Definitely loved the organization! :D Very tech savvy~ ^^
i completely understand your obsession
Hi Vivi! Thanks for taking my challenge. Sorry I've been so crazy weird busy and unable to check out everyone's cards! I love your organizational skillz! I will be stealin' some ideas!
@AngelJoong86 Thanks! and use whatever you like!