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Hey friends! We're back again today with another prompt for your flash fiction fix. You all have been making awesome flashes with these prompts, so I want to keep that creative ball rolling with today's new prompt.
Since I focused on dialogue with today's tip, I want everyone who responds to the prompt to try and actively use as much dialogue as possible to tell this story. A lot can be done very quickly with dialogue, so don't be afraid to get weird with it.
So! todays prompt is:

Last Conversation: Two people have gathered, and for whatever reason, this will be the last time they will be able to speak with one another. Using dialogue, tell us who these people are, why this is their last talk, and anything else you see fit. 360 words.

I encourage you all to play with who these people are. It could be a boss/employee, a couple, a parent/child, there are endless pairings. I'm intending to write about a parent/child relationship, so hopefully the readership in the Parenting community will like and relate to it. Food for thought!
Good luck, writers!
Tagging people who have responded before, and some hopeful new peeps!
heres mine!! thanks again for the prompt