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Amy Schumer is blowing up as of late. Her relatable world view has made her a perfect 20 something icon. Trainwreck is the perfect movie to see with your friends and significant other...but definitely not your parents. Here are 5 reasons Trainwreck will be your new fav summer flick.

1. It's realistic

Nothing is sugar-coated in this movie, and the characters are not caricatures. They're real people you know, except for including him! You'll see why.

2. LeBron James is surprisingly good. Like acting wise? Amazing.

His character is himself obviously, but it's not what you'd expect. He's totally human, he listens when people are talking to him and he has great timing. It's really a treat. I've never laughed harder.

3. It shows both sides

This is not a one-sided typical rom com. It's a comedy with some romantic elements. It shows both the struggle of the male and female sides in relationships, and paints a realistic portrait.

4. There are some amazing cameos.

It's not a spoiler, because this picture has been around for a while, but Daniel Radcliffe plays a dog walker in a movie within Trainwreck, and is absolutely fantastic. There are a host of other celebrity cameos too, just make sure you look closely. Sports fans especially!

5. You'll see yourself in it.

This movie is hella relatable. There are some cringeworthy moments, because we've all had them. Whether you're a girl or a guy, the story will definitely hit you where it hurts, and that makes the best comedy.
@jordanhamilton It'll definitely make you laugh, because it's so true.
I'm so excited to see this movie!! Even my intellectual comedy writer friends say it looks like it's gonna be good.
@melifluosmelodi yes. All true! Have you seen it yet!????
I absolutely LOVE Amy Schumer!! she's great at what she does, and I've been wanting to watch this movie since I heard about it! the cast is awesome, and the script is great, can't wait!!
I'm def SOLD! Thank you.
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