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Yes, yes I know everyone is always worried about if he's just not that into you. You are constantly wondering if they are just using you for some booty and some free food.
But by worrying yourself with only that, I think you are missing a very big, important part of the dating game.
Do you ever ask yourself, "Am I really that into this dude?"
And here are some examples that will tell you no, you are absolutely not into him.
I mean you actually want to end up with a guy like this?
1. He can't stop talking about how his Mix tape is Fire
2. Tom is still one of his top friends on Myspace
3. He still thinks that MySpace is relevant
4. He still doesnt know how to do laundry, which is why he lives in his moms basement. Well, that and he has no job.
5. He rocks his best wife beater on the first date. Yes, he has a "best" wife beater.
6. He excepts you to pay the bill, even though he asked you out.
7. His iPhone background is borderline porn....or is porn.
8. He stares at your boobs way more then your face.
9. He goes in for the kiss and commits, even when it is clearly not a good look.
Ahhhhh the mixtape joke was hilarious!!! Great card Liz lol
Ahahaha exactly. Red flag!!! Lol. Also, that gif of Jane laughing and blowing out smoke – priceless.
@allischaaff just all of these sound like a hugeeee "RUN AWAY FAST" hahaha
Yikes!!! You called it, @LizArnone. Although I feel like these are less ways to know you're not that into him, and more reasons to not ever go on a date with him, ever...
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