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I moved to New York with big dreams and a big heart.

Not looking for love, but hoping that eventually love would find me -- I looked to my friends in my head. Let me introduce you to my girls -- Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Although older than me, they taught me a few things over the years about the do's and don'ts of dating is such a huge city.
One thing I've learned over these past six weeks in the jungle is there are plenty of fish in the sea. Like any fish, some are good and some are bad -- it all depends on how you pick them and which one gravitates towards your hook. Thanks to Carrie, Ive learned a few things about dating in the city and much to my surprise -- it's paying off.

Carrie Rule #1: Be Bold

Take risks and make the first move. Of course, as woman we are accustomed to waiting for the guy to approach us -- step outside of your comfort zone for once and show him that you are interested.

Carrie Rule #2: Find Someone Who Shares Your Interests

It's much easier to find someone compatible to you if you two share the same interests. Go to events in specific fields your interested in and introduce yourself. You never know what could come about from just a simple, "hello, my name is ____________".

Carrie Rule #3: Try Not To Date Where You Work

It's pretty simple, try to not fall for your coworker. As amazing as dating a handsome guy that you can see pretty much everyday sounds, it's more to it than meets the eye. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the stress. There's so many great men out there, why settle for that one guy at your job?

If Carrie hosts anymore dating classes, I know exactly where I will be.