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Thank god I don't count as a noona yet, but legit, he bringing everbody to his yard LOL. I remember in one of their songs, there's a line where Jungkook goes "Your oppa, I want to be your oppa". You don't understand, those fangirl screams were the loudest. WHAT ARE YOU GIRLS THINKING LOLOL P.S. No idea if the gif is spazzing a little on your phones too, but Jungkook is shaking so hard that I see pixels xD. If that happens, just click on the gif to see it hahahahaha. Oh, Jungkook.
Lol he's so cute, and he's older than me by a year, that him my oppa ❤
That MAKES him my oppa* Hehe
ok this is so true! A lot of noona's do like him, so he can do this dance and be proud! :)
I'm three weeks older than RapMon. I am a noona to more than half of them D: