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An interview with a Toronto police officer was captured on video, but it's not the interview that earns the highlight.
It's the least aggressive road rage incident of all time! All they need is a simple talking to by the Big-Brother-esque police officer from above, and they're on their way.
Can you imagine what this would be like in the US?

I'm imagining of baseball bats, 9 irons and frying pans, but not with these guys. They're very, very sorry.

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If the guy was hit, though, shouldn't the guy in the orange shirt get ticketed? I'm confused.
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It doesn't totally look like they actually hit one another, just came really close... but either way, who knows what Canadian traffic cops are up to these days...
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Okay, let me start over. That last comment I deleted because it was incoherent. What is wrong with me today? I NOW realized that my previous (first) comment makes no sense because the guy wearing orange was the victim. I shared a comment (that I deleted) thinking that the guy in the back was wearing orange, but he had green and pink on. DON"T ever let me be a witness. YIKES!!!!!
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hahaha @marshalledgar don't be so hard on yourself... maybe an extra cup of coffee can help you out ;)
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