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Any romantic comedy lover knows the meet cute all too well. It's that scene where a future couple meets for the first time, and it's usually something adorable, awkward or amusing. It's the scene we all secretly envision happening to us. Movies are known for their meet cutes, but TV is full of them too.
While the couple itself might have been kind of annoying, Charlotte and Trey's meet cute on Sex and the City was adorable. Trey's taxi almost runs Charlotte over (smooth), and he gets out to help her, knight-in-shining-armor style. This is the perfect meet cute for Charlotte, who really just wants to be swept off her feet.
HIMYM is full of meet cutes because Ted is always on the lookout for a lady. He meets Stella while getting his butterfly tramp stamp removed, an adorably awkward situation for both involved. Thanks to a drunken tattoo mistake, he meets the girl he'll date for quite some time.
Who remembers this show!? One of my favorites growing up, What I Like About You has a classic meet cute. Henry and Holly meet in the men's bathroom after Holly storms in there, upset about something her sister did. Henry awkwardly tries to use the bathroom in front of her, which sounds weird now that I type it out, but it seemed cute at the time.
I know for a fact that Mindy Kaling wrote this scene with the term meet cute in mind. Mindy meets Casey, a minister, on the subway after he bumps her with all the heavy boxes he's carrying. A classic meet cute often involves someone dropping something, getting spilled on or bumping into someone else, and Mindy wrote the perfect one for her and her future boyfriend.

Now that you're done reading this, go out into the world and have your very own meet cute!!!

My god I wish my life was like this. My "cute" is meeting up with someone from Tinder at a very VERY public place. *cries in corner bc love life is not cute*
Hahaha @alywoah don't cry!! You'd be surprised, I've found some very romantic people/experiences through Tinder ^^ you just gotta keep on keepin' on!!
Meet cutes make me cringe when they happen in real life (lol, dont' ask me why) but I still can't help but go awwwww
I really don't want to say it, but this card is really cute.
so glad someone said it @VinMcCarthy I LOVE MEET CUTES
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