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9 Times Lucille Bluth Was Sassier Than You'll Ever Be

Lucille Bluth, everyone's favorite terrible mother and the reigning queen of sass. Tell me you've met someone sassier than this, and I will not believe you even a little bit.
Here are 9 times Queen Lucille out-sassed us all.

When she killed the eye-roll game.

Every. Single. Day.

...And then proceeded to kill the side-eye game, too.

You're wearing that?

When she didn't get her way.

This is the face of someone who is plotting your downfall.

When she found something to criticize in literally everyone.

Mostly her daughter Lindsay.

When she taught us the meaning of motherly love.

Granted, she probably didn't realize it was her daughter she was slut-shaming.

When she didn't care a single iota about pop culture.

Not even about George Lucas, for Pete's sake. Who doesn't know it's called "Star Wars"?

When she loved all her children equally.

She's my parenting inspiration... not.

When she invented "The Sassy Blink."

I didn't even realize a blink could be sassy.

When she sat in judgement over us all.

Oh, Lucille. We can never hope to achieve your level of sass.
Have a sassy day, everyone!
Lucille is awesome. I feel like all of the casting for Arrested Development is seriously phenomenal, and Lucille's facial expressions are forever epic.
Love this, her relationship with Buster is probably the creepiest and funniest of all mother-son relationships on TV.
She is my spirit animal. Love her
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