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I'm re sharing this because I posted it so late and I don't think enough people had seen the amazingness here!
SO I had spent HOURS on Sims 4 (don't hate)(to the point to where I got a freaking award for being on it for 5 hours..).. I had made my normal girl that I always start out with, then realized there was NO ONE for her to hang out with.. so I got the crazy idea to make BIGBANG sims. I made a house with all of them as room mates and it took me AGES! I ended up showing my ONE friend who is into K-Pop as well (he's a big fan of BIGBANG too, score!) and our conversation may have gotten a little out of hand (not to us, but maybe to others lmfao) and we were talking about OTPs and I typed up TOP x Seungri in Google (because that's HIS OTP) and I FOUND THIS AND IF I WASN'T ALREADY LYING ON THE GROUND I WOULD HAVE FALLEN OVER HOLY CRAP HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
We have also come to the conclusion that TOP can be shipped with ALL OF THEM and it still works.