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Ever wonder what your favorite beer has to do with your personality? you'll know.

1. Bud Light

If your favorite beer is Bud Light, you're probably everyone's favorite person. You're a good old boy/girl, you're a pretty even plane person with good, but not expensive taste. You're probably reliable, but you can get a little rowdy when the night gets wild. Watch yourself and your chugging, because people who love Bud Light can be a little crazy.

2. XX or Dos Equis

This beer is for adventurous drinkers, going international? Cool. Paying a little more? Even cooler. If your favorite beer is Dos Equis you're probably pretty interesting, or you're just faking it. People who drink Dos Equis usually have an exotic pet of you have a tiger? Or a puffin? Puffins are cool.

3. Budweiser

If your favorite beer is Budweiser, you a. don't care about calories and b. are America! You're also probably someone's dad. You're also unnecessarily good at board games and know a lot of trivia that people don't generally care about, but find interesting when they hear it.

4. Heineken

If your favorite beer is Heineken, you think you have more money than you actually do. You bring this 6 pack to the party to make people think that you've got a lot of cheddar in the bank, but you actually paid for it in quarters. You also like watching comedy specials by yourself and drink to remember, rather than forget.

5. Corona

If you're a Corona fan, you'd rather be on vacation. Just admit it. You hate real life, and the only slice of the good stuff, you have is this over-priced, light beer that is nothing without lime. Corona means there's something missing in your life, it's probably fulfillment. You're also a pretty hard worker though, and you work as hard as you drink, so...bravo?

6. Guinness

Guinness is a beer for people who get things done. It's dark and chocolatey and serious, kind of like your demeanor. If you're a Guinness guy or gal you mean business, you also love to drink and can probably drink anyone under the table. Your downfall is that you probably work too hard and you alienate yourself from people and friends...actually you probably don't have many might want to fix that.

7. Craft Beer / Beer Nobody Has Heard Of

You're a hipster.
What's your favorite beer?
Craft beer... I’m a hipster... :(
I just think I'm an alcoholic..
I love Corona and Guinness. I don't know if I want to laugh or cry. :) Love the card, btw.
Nooooo hahaha @danidee. But I also like Guinness...does this make me a productive hipster with no friends?! sounds about right actually...
Why do I get the feeling your favorite beer is Guinness, @TessStevens? Lol. "A beer for people who get things done" XD
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