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If statement necklaces aren't your thing, or you just can't be bothered to wear one more heavy piece of jewelry that could contribute to the million things that are making you sweat right now, "Naked Jewelry" and barely-there pieces are dainty and cool, and will add a delicate touch to your bolder summer looks.
Layer on tiny rings.
Simple, stackable bands with tiny details are perfect summer jewelry that won't hurt when your fingers swell in the heat, and won't look like overkill with a lightweight summer dress or cutoffs, simply adding a little style. Stack them on the same fingers and wear some higher up above the knuckle for a twist, or just keep it bare and simple with one or two.
Wear wispy hoop earrings (and no other jewelry).
Hoop earrings can make a statement on their own, but a lightweight pair of almost any size can be the perfect finishing touch on a summer outfit. Wear your hair down to keep them noticable only from certain angles, or try a pair with little accents.
Try a barely-there chain with a tiny charm.
This style is the anti-statement necklace, but can look just as pretty. A chain that's barely noticeable but catches the light is all you need in the heat, and a simple or fun charm on the end is perfectly sweet. Layer on a couple of these dainty necklaces, or keep it simple with one to add the smallest accent.
Lightweight bracelet chains can be worn alone or layered.
Forget the heavy cuff this summer; tiny chain bracelets are where it's at! Wear one alone with stackable rings, or stack multiple thin bracelets à la Rihanna. If you're dripping sweat and can't even bear to have your hair down, avoid earrings and necklaces altogether and keep your accessorizing to your hand and wrist area.
If you want to go all out with tiny bracelets, follow my guide and craft a lightweight arm party!