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Hi you guys!! So me and my sister were looking for a new little Korean spot and we finally found one and its called Yori. 465 W Harwood Rd, Hurst, TX 76054. I found this to be a really good fresh, new, and just all in all a great experience. So what I want to tell u guys is, I completely enjoyed this food it tastes authentic, it didn't leave a sour taste in my mouth at all, it was delicious, and I highly recommend if you're within the area to totally go check out this spot. It is so good. The other thing I also want to say, its not only Korean food it's also Japanese food and Chinese food. They have great options to what Asian food you like. So my overall rating for this little bistro is totally going to be 5 stars all the way without a doubt. The atmosphere alone at this bistro is so peaceful, it's so calm you don't feel rushed while eating, and it is very warm welcoming. Go Visit!!! BeHappy!! A.D.R.
@levykayandra you're so welcome! It's a nice place, small and very enjoyable! My sister and I went to it randomly looking for a new special spot.
ah, thank you. when I go to Texas I'll look for it then. I live in Florida
@levykayandra it's in Texas.
Sounds like and looks like a good place to eat and chill with friends.
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