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Multi platinum recording artist Brandy hit the subway in NYC incognito recently for a short performance which a friend filmed via phone.
It seems as if the world has forgotten about Brandy, or at least New York City commuters have. Many of the subway riders didn’t even respond to the famed singer as she belted out smooth notes.
In her defense, Brandy didn’t sing any of her own classics. If so, I think many of the commuters would’ve easily recognized her voice. The talented songstress opted to bust out a rendition of “Home” from the musical The Wiz.
I wonder why she chose that song? I don’t know too many people who know that song off hand and will hum along. Also, at the wrong time of the day, I could envision this song giving someone a headache.
Brandy shouldn’t think too deep on this one experience in NYC. For starters, most New Yorkers are trained to ignore everything around them once they get on the Subway.
On the bright side, the one fan that noticed Brandy had nothing but nice things to say. "This is an important city ready to embrace you... Don't be scared... go for it!" "We’ve seen this a million times!"
Something tells me Brandy wasn’t going to lose any sleep over this experiment in any outcome.
@laurafisher when I first started interning in the city I used to be locked in always trying to soak in new sounds.. that changed quickly though. Some of the singers/ rappers can be a bit aggressive when promoting their material.. lol
Everyone looks so serious and angry! If this happened in LA, people would have at least applaud (even if she wasn't Brandy).
@alywoah I don't think I would wig out if I saw her, but im always playing my own music so I probably wouldve missed her being in the zone -____-
@alywoah I am a huge Brandy fan as well. I think she is one of those artists people overlook in regards to relevance in the culture. Brandy had a huge impact in the late 90's-early 2000's with her music and style. I remember being little and seeing everyone with her signature micro braids. Lets not forget she also had a hit tv show with Moesha.
I would of pissed my pants if I saw her. I would have probably thought, "That sorta sounds like Brandy" but I don't think I would have really thought about it.
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