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@VinMcCarthy has done it again with flash fiction promps. This week is all about Chatting it up in a Flash which focuses on the use of dialogue to tell a story in 350 words or less. Feel free to submit your own.
Here is my story entitled Cyanide.
“What if he was wrong?”
“Don’t say that”
“But what if he was?”
“Grace stop, there is no need to wonder. We already took it. You must keep the faith.”
“But…what if God didn’t actually speak to him. What if he got the date wrong, what if he got confused.”
“Grace, shhh before someone hears you.” He takes her face in his hands.
“You need to believe Grace, or I wont see you in the next life. It wont be worth it without you.”
“But I….I wasn't done living this life with you.”
“Grace, don’t say that. Grace…."
"Grace wake up, you need to believe, you cant die with doubt”, he is shaking her now, strength fighting the darkness ebbing the corners of his eyes.
“Grace”, he sobs.
“Grace please, please, just wake up one more time, I love you, please.”
“Please believe, please let me see you on this other side.”
The darkness is overtaking him and his head hits the floor, hand gripping Grace’s rapidly cooling fingers.
“Please God, let my Grace be waiting for me on the other side. Almighty God, I promise she believes. I swear she….”
New paper headlines blare: 23 Teens dead in Second Coming Mass Suicide. Indianola Texas.
@VinMcCarthy thanks so much !!! honestly your prompts are so interesting and thought provoking i am almost disturbed where they make my mind go....but i LOVE THEM!
this is spot-on to what the prompt was asking for. You used awesome, natural dialogue to convey the emotions and events of the story in a great way. There could be no confusion about this, and it is executed perfectly. good effin' job.
@shannonl5 in short bursts i can do creepy!
This is soooooo creepy eek! Really nice work @LizArnone ^_^
@Lizarnone Last moments!!! I was always under the impression that your life flashed before you not just the moment. Well done