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Glass slipper, Glass slipper
were I without you I'd run much quicker
but the station of my lifestyle requires
that I seek discomfort, constant ire
Candy cane, Candy cane
tilting, wheeling, whirling weathervane
christmas in Kansas would be much sweeter
if I had the presence of mind to really be here

Abstract hell, Abstract hell

for whom do you ring your worried bells

lackluster posturing, talentless hack

it's not in imagination that your power's slack

Wishful thinking, Wishful thinking
tempered soils, quickly sinking
shine on brighter, golden boy
defense of homestead, bloody joy
Darkness rising, Darkness rising
for what reason do we keep on fighting
lock the door, toss the key
now you're all trapped here with me
Today's influx of poetic infusions comes inspired by the lyric of the day for today, which in turn comes from "Two Doves" by The Dirty Projectors.
"Geranium killer
Throat of soil and mind like stone
Please don't defend a silver lining
Around the halo of what is already shining"
@VinMcCarthy youse a poet, son.
@jeff4122 haha thanks. though I don't think this one matches up well with the lyric... or anything tbh
But its poetic all the same, which is what I really like about it
I like it! Delightfully rhythmic.
i don't usually like rhyming poetry but this one realllllly worked! i love the repetition for sure and your word choice was extremely interesting! good job!
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