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Funny Caption Challenge: What Exactly Is Going On Here?
It's Wednesday, and you know what that means! Time for another community-wide caption challenge! Last week, @VinMcCarthy won the honor of being the Featured Funny Card of the Week after his response to the previous challenge with four votes!
It's time for a new champion!
What's going on in this picture? How would you caption it? Comment as often and with as many ideas as you want before Friday at 11:59 PM EST.

Whoever gets the most likes by the end of the week will be our Caption Challenge Champion and will have their response made into a 'sticky' meme card on the Funny Community Page!

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Faster! Faster! They're gaining on us!
2 years ago·Reply
You came to my rescue just in time! I heard them talking about curry goat mannish water... something told me that was gonna be me!
2 years ago·Reply
Let's goat outta here!!!
2 years ago·Reply
They were wrong, you're not a baa'd driver...
2 years ago·Reply