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If you've been on Spotify in the last month, you've heard ads for FX's newest show, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll. The series will follow Johnny Rock, lead singer and songwriter for an almost-famous '90s rock band, The Heathens, that broke up because of Johnny's antics.
Set in modern day, the series will focus on Johnny's attempt to get the band back together. Having recently discovered that he has a daughter (who is very vocally talented), he wants to earn a couple of bucks by reuniting the band with her at the forefront.
Not only does Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll seem like it will be a tribute to the rock & roll bands from several decades ago, I'm guessing it'll also focus intensely on themes of friendship and parenting, as Johnny attempts to make amends with is long-lost band and daughter.
Starring Dennis Leary as Johnny, John Corbett as one of his bandmates and Elizabeth Gillies as Johnny's daughter, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll is already giving me Californication vibes, despite not having seen the show yet. The story of a deadbeat dad trying to make amends with the people he cares about feels like it has been done before, but hopefully the rock & roll twist can set it apart.
I'm only going to tune in because John Corbett is starring and he is bae.
Rock & roll fans might appreciate the show for its tribute to an older sound, unless the series spends too much time on drama and not enough time on the music.
Find out for yourself when Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll premieres July 16 at 10 p.m on FX.
I'm so pumped for this show. It seems pretty similar to Californication, not really, but thematically similar lol. And I loved that show. Hope it's good.
@TessStevens Californication is like top ten in my list of favorite shows ever, so if this is similar at all (which it sounds like it might be in terms of theme) I'm so in.