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We all know that there are a million trillion love songs for the hetero couple, girl loves boy, boy loves girl, no one is getting any love hetero-ness. What isn't as big, especially on main stream radio, are love songs about pinning, kissing, and breaking hearts of the same gender!
Which I think is completely unfair.
So here is a collection of songs for the closeted, or out, LBGTQ community!

Love, Robot - "Fire Escape"

Alexa (lead singer) wrote this song for current girl friend Lynn who is the lead singer in PVRIS! And whats even more amazing then her beautiful voice is that there is a response song! (below)

PVRIS - "Eyelids"

Lynns response to "fire escape" and Alexa is the star of the music video! How cute is that? I love them and their love.

Panic! at the Disco: Girls/Girls/Boys

(Her Electric Fur Cover)

Pretty clear what this is about when the chorus says, "girls love girls and boys/ love is not a choice". After reading some of the youtube comments apparently some listeners have taken to playing this around their house to hint to their parents about their sexuality!

Vance Joy - 'I Know Places' [Taylor Swift Cover]

I know this one might seem like it doesn't belong because it's a Taylor Swift song but once you listen to the lyrics it is totally the perfect representation of a closeted/secret gay relationship! Also I just really love Vance Joy's covers.

Lauren Aquilina - Sinners

This song seriously gives me goose bumps! It brings in many references to the Catholic church, one of the biggest enemies of "one love". Quotes like "And judgement taught us that our hearts were wrong" and "the forbidden fruit tastes so sweet" make it clear that they know the church thinks they are sinners but they don't care!
goose bump line- The world may disapprove
But my world is only you
And if we're sinners then it feels like heaven to me

PVRIS - Holy

Lynn (lead singer and girlfriend of our first video) said in an interview that this song is about one of her friends Mom who contradicted herself so many times due to her strict religious beliefs. Its nice to have music that supports love for everyone by criticizing the biggest critic of gay rights/love.

Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls

This video blew up on youtube because it is one of the few out there that makes a clear distinction that the love story is between two girls! And coupled with an amazing song the even more amazing video shows girls trying to ignore their feelings but love winning out!
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I love all of these! I'd also add the cover Angel Haze did of Same Love. They talk about their experiences being queer and how things got better for them and what acceptance really means. It's beautiful