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My proud and beloved wallpaper featuring the one of a kind G DRAGON ❤❤ p.s. I update my wallpaper to a new GD pic every other day ;) That way my soul stays rejuvenated!
Then ofcourse there's the photo album collection “ψ(`∇´)ψ
Last but definitely not least... Music and M/Vs !!! I want to take a moment to thank the lovely person that started this exciting challenge. It's fun to see how Kpop has consumed our lives in various ways, and how we all keep our prized kpop possessions so close to us all the time, whether it's neat and organized, messy and jumbled, new or old. We are all unique, yet unified and brought together by this one beautiful thing called KPOP! ❤❤❤ Forever in my heart and soul.