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This Dad doesn't give a crap what he looks like (as most dads usually don't), but the great thing is, he looks like he's having more fun then anyone else at The Vamps concert at Thorpe Park.
Since I'm sure everyone wants to speak to the Dancing King himself, I have a few questions for his kids. Is he teaching you his moves? Are you aware your Dad has skyrocketed to Dilf-hood? Quick follow up, Can I be your step mom? Does it bother you that all your friends would rather go to concert with your Dad, not you? Answer honestly, how exactly does it feel to have a "cool dad"?
Keep on doing you Dancing Dad! You already have almost 400k views from people checking out your swoon worthy spin. I look forward to watching you in a future season of Dancing with the Stars, or at least at the next Vamps show.
@christianmordi right!!! thats honestly the right way to enjoy music !
loved this card, and super happy to see this guy full of energy and enjoying the music. Awesome to see someone so happy and free!
Words of wisdom from the adjumma( middle- aged woman in Korean) around here. I don't feel any different now then I did at 18. The reaction times just a little slower. I'll be one of those grannies running around with the windows down and music blaring a rockin' beat.
I'm a very busy person. These memes don't post themselves.
@danidee lmfao righttttt maybe you should be the Vamps manager
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