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Lol Jimin gasp XD you fancy flip-flops
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Lol nice one XD
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Lol. Jimins reaction best. *Gasp* wishing BTS lots of fun and safety at #TRBinUSA
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Same !! I heard about people threatening them :( @B2STANG88
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@jennyrodriguez yeah Namjoon (RM) was threatened by some gurl thousands of miles away (dont ask why) but whereas alot of people are worried for Rap Mon im just glad hes ok and it wasnt a serious threat. Namjoon doesnt take any of this BS so i dont feel like i need to wish him to get better since im sure hes fine but hey, its is BTS and any wishes made to them r made for good cause.
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Yass some people are really stupid and take things to far ...I wish them the best and I hope they stay safe plus where here too for them <3 @B2STANG88
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