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There is something about cutting into a fresh pineapple in the summertime that is TOO PERFECT FOR WORDS! Watermelon is also a great summertime fruit, but the combination of sweet and tart that comes from citrus, like a pineapple, is just begging to be used as a chic statement piece for a summer luau party!
This is PART 1, which shows you how to create amazing beverage cups out of hollowed out pineapple. Click here for PART 2, which is the recipe to make the mocktail that goes inside of it!
Choose a fresh golden pineapple and chop off the crown.
Using a pineapple corer, which you can find at home stores for $10, simply core out the middle fruit.
The remaining stalk can be easily cut with a paring knife from your kitchen.
This is going in Vingle My Summer Collection! If you haven't done so already, click here to follow. Also, click here for PART 2 of this DIY to fill it with a mocktail recipe!