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Coming to Broadway February 2016: American Psycho the Musical. After the novel, the screenplay, the casting of Patrick Bateman, a Kickstarter campaign, and the first show premiering in London, the musical has been through a lot.
And now it’s coming to the U.S. to show off it’s “killer” musical numbers, dialogue, set design, and production.
The twisted serial killer musical will twist. (of someones head muhahahaha)
The lead Matt Smith also stared (of Doctor Who Fame) is the great at the creepy Patrick it’s pretty much perfect. The other rumored cast includes: "Girls" actress Zosia Mamet, Tony nominees Jennifer Damiano and Isabel Keating and "Smash" actor Wesley Taylor.
The music is sorta 80s-pop and rock. Full of weird sounds and synths. It was writing by the same guy that did all of Spring Awakening expect weird and awesome stuff. Here's a clip of the sounds.
Though there isn’t that much buzz in the U.S. about this musical, it’s pretty exciting to see such a weird and interesting topic to hit the stage. I’ll pretty much DIE to see this show in February.
Oh my gosh I had no idea this was happening!! Hahaha I can't wait! I hope it comes to the Bay Area! 😁😁😁
YAS @Meeshell I feel like a lot of shows come out to LA or San Francisco after new york!!! I'd love to see it too XD
@Meeshell yeah I hope it does well! The music was pretty awesome when I heard it
I can’t either @TessStevens! I’m so ready to see it!
Love this! I love the movie and book and can't wait for the musical
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