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1: NO, duck face is never okay, even if you look adorable! 2: I can really relate to JB in this video lol! *Stands off quietly in the corner*
I just recently started liking them, they're pretty dorky haha I like it.
@LuzBarron, that's a great idea!! My 4 year old listens to everything with me as well :-) He calls the members of BIGBANG his friends hahahahaha
if my jackson wants to do the duck face he can do the duck face even if I hate the duck face. for him I'll deal with it lol
@ErinGregory, I understand. I'm pretty sociable but I don't like being the center of attention. I also like to bring books and some type of electronic device to family functions and usually stay off in a corner or along the wall with friends. I don't like being alone (at least not all the time), but I like being social when I'm in my comfort zone
omfg they look so handsome especially jb in this video ofcourse they all are. And youngjae is holding the cute dog. what is the dogs name?? I 4gt :(. and then jr remind me of luffy from one piece. igot7 馃挋 got7 :D and then they do the whip and nae nae lol love how they did it too. tnx for sharing
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