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Jim Gaffigan has always been one of the milder funny guys in standup comedy, joking about fatherhood and his love for food, his kids and his hot wife. Unlike Louis CK, Amy Schumer and tons of others who constantly joke about sex and alcohol, Jim Gaffigan has been known to stray from those topics to focus on more wholesome stuff.
Now, instead of tuning into his standup for dad jokes, you can get them on a weekly basis during The Jim Gaffigan Show.
The show is pretty much an exaggerated version of his real life - he lives with his wife and four kids in an NYC apartment that's far too small for them all. He's a total goofball dad juggling fatherhood with stand-up comedy. The show itself is much more Tim Allen/Home Improvement and less Louis CK/Louie.
That being said, it's not necessarily a "family friendly" show, still throwing some dirty jokes in there every now and then. But for the most part, it's a good-natured shows with an affable Jim Gaffigan at the center.
Fans of his specific standup stuff will obviously love the show, and anyone who grows tired of the more intense, crude standup comedy might find this show to be a breath of fresh air in the comedy world.
@drwhat Omg hahahaha the Hot Pockets stand-up always killed me. Whenever I see Hot Pockets, I hear Jim Gaffigan singing it all creepy like 'Hot Pockeeettttsss...' And @LauraFisher I'm going to have to patiently wait for this one to hit Netflix. I'm one of 'those people' who are perpetually without TV.
Hoooooooot pockets
Oh! I hadn't realized this was on TV Land. I don't know why I assumed it was Comedy Central.. Awesome!!
@danidee yes that's exactly what it is! I've liked it so far!!
I want to watch this too! I'd imagine it's going to be like a slightly less neurotic version of 'Louie'.
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