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Be careful with the people you surround yourself with...

Especially if it's your nanny that's exposing you. Jenner is the matriarch of the family and seems to have endless success in promoting her children to the world. But behind closed doors, it seems that Jenner is breaking under the pressure. Obviously Jenner will be the first to deny any accusations but it's hard to deny the comments made by the nanny who not only helped raise your children but also helped you cope.

“There were moments when she would let down her walls and weep when nobody was watching, and cry on my shoulder. I didn’t like to see her cry, but it was nice to see her be human.” - Pam Behan to Australian NW magazine, Kardashian nanny from 1991-1996.

Behan was to take care of the children and help Kris around the house. She was with the Kardashian and Jenner family for a few years becoming very familiar with their antics. Apparently, Jenner has been having major meltdowns behind closed doors for years. I guess having a ton of success comes at a cost. And with her husband's transition, originally Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, Kris has been a mess.
Could you imagine what it would be like to be barked at by Kris Jenner? No thanks.

Kris's "scary" ambition and "obsession" with fame.

“The only places Kris would go would be popular among other celebrities or high-powered people. She never really hung out with people who were a nobody, so to speak,” Behan said, “Out of all the girls, Kim spent the most time in front of the mirror. Her looks, clothes…were very important to her, even back then.”
It's no surprise that Kim took after her mother. Kim is the most famous of the siblings after all and she is the one that launched her family into super stardom. But it is somewhat sad how ridiculous this family will go to keep their name in the news. They are famous for being famous despite having tons of business endeavors at this point.
It seems the entire family is going crazy at the moment. Kim is having a kid. Kourtney just broke up with Scott. Rob is hiding from the world. Khloé is jumping into a new relationship. Kendall is doing the modeling thing. Kylie is launching her website. And Caitlyn is winning an ESPY award tonight.