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Single (adj.) - Not accompanied by another or others; solitary.

Trust me, it's not as bad as it sounds. The two scariest syllables a person could utter out of their mouth -- okay, not really. I've been single for almost five years now and look at me thriving. People always assume that someone who is single has to be depressed, lonely and sad -- don't get it twisted. Of course those feelings may arise, but being single can be a very exhilarating, empowering moment in ones life.
What other time do you get time for yourself to focus on yourself and nobody else? Exactly. Cherish the moment because once you're back in a relationship -- that all disappears. If you're newly single or like myself, you've been single for quite sometime -- this list will make you realize why being single isn't half bad.

You Don't Have To Answer To Anyone

Not that you had to answer to anyone when you were in a relationship, but now that you're single -- do you and don't worry about explaining a thing to anyone.

You Can Text Whoever You Want

Be shameless. You're single, text whoever you want and don't feel bad about it. There's nothing wrong with having options.

You Get Time To Work On Yourself

Sometimes we just need to take a little time off and focus on our own issues. We all have them. Being single gives you time to work on you before working on 'us'.

Going On Dates Becomes A Weekly Thing

Being single has you booking dates left and right, which means in turn you run out of options -- not really. When in doubt, go shopping. You're single -- treat yourself.

More Time To Hang With Your Girls

You've been missing out on all the fun after being cooped up in the house with your ex beau for all those months. Now it's time to let loose, throw on some lipstick and have a good time with your girls. These are the nights you should live for. You don't need a man when you have your girls.

No shade, but the single life is alright by me. Do you boo.

I knew I wasn't the only one lol the single life isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be :) @shanu2905
So agreed, @jordanhamilton – I'm currently lovin' my single life ;)
that's def one of the biggest perks to being single! :) @Ritz
I agree, I love my single life I can do anything I want to do
agreed... m single for last 3 pretty years n guess what... m completely loving it.... ;)
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