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Typically as summertime gets closer and closer to the Fall, the nights get darker. And every summer our township hosts a movie in the park in August. I thought this would be a super cute way to generate interest in the event while keeping it movie themed with the red and white striped pop corn boxes and balloons ti mimic buttered popcorn!

Balloon Arch Materials

(2) 7-foot pvc poles 1/2" in diameter
(1) 1/2" pvc connectors
(2) 1/2" pvc "T" connectors
(2) 5-gallon empty buckets with lids (every hardware store has these)
(2) cheap but large bags of mulch
Balloon pump (no helium is needed)
White zip ties
White balloons
Yellow balloons

Balloon Box Materials

(2) large cardboard boxes (18" x 18" x 24)
White spray paint
Red spray paint
Painters tape
Duct tape


1. Paint the cardboard boxes BEFORE assembling the boxes--three vertical stripes running the length of the box--including the flaps. Each stripe should be about 6 inches. Alternate the red and white stripes, using painters tape to get clean lines.
2. Cut the pvc pipes down to 7-feet in length each.
3. Draw and cut out a 1/2 inch hole in the center of the lids to the buckets.
4. Glue each pvc pole with ONE "T" connector.
5. Tape the top flaps of the boxes open from the inside. Do not tape the bottom flaps open.


1. Once you're at the park, assemble the boxes--leaving the top flaps taped open.
2. Place each bucket into box and fill 90% with mulch--leaving top off for now.
3. Place the bucket lids over each pvc pole--resting on the "T" connectors.
4. Connect the two pvc poles with the 1/2" connector.
5. Fill balloons with air pump.
6. Carefully snip a TINY HOLE below the knot of the balloon in the latex tag.
7. Thread 4-5 balloons onto a zip tie--wrapping and sealing the zip tie around the pvc pole.
8. Complete tying the balloons around the pvc pole.
9. Flex the pole of balloons so that the lids will tightly clamp onto the buckets.
10. Use duct tape if necessary to tape down the lids to prevent them from popping off.
I am so excited to try this out for this August. I actually might do it sooner for my cousin's birthday party which is in a couple weeks! For more great outdoor summer ideas, click here.