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Bonjour! So you want to know how French women talk about makeup?
Let's get started!

The Beauty Basics

le maquillage (MACK-ee-ahj) = makeup
se maquiller (suh MACK-ee-ay) = to apply makeup, to make oneself up, to do one's makeup
se faire les ongles (suh fair lez ohngl) = to do one's nails

J'adore me faire les ongles!

(Jah-DOOR muh fair lez ohngl)
I love doing my nails!

Avant de sortir, je me maquille.

(Ah-von de sor-TEER, juh muh MACK-ee)
Before going out, I do my makeup.

Tu aimes mon fard à joues? C'est le style Momoko.

Do you like my blush? It's Momoko style.
le fard à joues (far ah joo) = blush

Le mannequin Twiggy portait toujours beaucoup de mascara.

The model Twiggy always wore a lot of mascara.
beaucoup de... (bow-KOO duh) = a lot of
le mascara (MAS-ka-ra) = mascara

C'est difficile, trouver le fond de teint parfait.

It's hard to find the perfect foundation.
le fond de teint (fon duh tan) = foundation
C'est difficile = It's difficult, it's hard
trouver = to find
parfait / parfaite = perfect

L'épilation à la cire chaud serait plus facile peut-être ?

Perhaps waxing would be easier?
L'épilation = hair removal
L'épilation à la cire (chaud) = waxing (to remove unwanted hair)
la cire = wax
facile (fah-SEEL) = easy
peut-être (puh-tetruh) = maybe, perhaps

J'aime le rouge à lèvres parce qu'il éclaire mon visage.

I like lipstick because it brightens up my face.
le rouge à lèvres = lipstick
parce que = because
éclairer = to light up, to brighten, to illuminate
le visage = face

What other beauty words would you like to learn in French? :)

Let me know if you have any requests! If you'd like a more complete list of French makeup vocabulary, click here.
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