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Half a mile of waterslide madness, and smiles

Lots and lots of smiles.


This looks like way too much fun.

I personally like the guy who latches on to the girl riding in front and just grabs her heels all the way down. That's kind of the way I like to do things... you know, using someone else's momentum to accomplish all my own goals.
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Germans...revolutionizing slide speed...one butt at a time @jeff4122
2 years ago·Reply
@jeff4122 have you heard of urban slide?
2 years ago·Reply
@k8wnba20 no, what's that?
2 years ago·Reply
@jeff4122 The go to different locations and setup water slides. Kinda cool. check it out. http://www.theurbanslide.com/events/
2 years ago·Reply
@k8wnba20 that's awesome! looks like this may even be part of their project
2 years ago·Reply