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My fiance must have a billion old t-shirts. And I thought I had tons of clothes! This guy still has shirts from when he was a teenager! Who does that? He can't even fit into them anymore! So I've decided to do another boyfriend t-shirt diy project. Did you see my first one? If not, click here.
Trim the sleeves off the shirt and flip over.
Draw a line from the shoulder to the bottom arm hole in a curve to make a larger back opening.
Cut out your lines from the back of the shirt--NOT THE FRONT!
Flip shirt over and trim out the front and back collar at the same time.
Flip shirt to the back and make a straight cut about an inch lower than the neck cut-out.
Make two long cuts to that line up with the arm hole.
Pull gently on the three pieces so that the fabric rolls in on itself.
Braid the pieces together.
Tack it with needle and thread so it doesn't fall apart. Tack it to the top of the shirt with needle and thread also.
Take a small piece of scrap material and wrap around the knot so it has a clean finished look.
Let me know if you girls love this and put a braided racerback t-shirt together like you see here!