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DISCLAIMER!! THIS IS NOT MINE! I found this on Tumblr. I couldn't figure out how to link her (assuming it's a girl) tumblr on here so I recreated her post. tumblr: I just really really loved this post because it seems so accurate (●^д^●)


*Tries to grab something behind your shoulder but loses balance and falls on top of you* * Jackson walks in* Jackson: "WHAT HAPPENED TO MARKSON YOU TRAITOR?!" Mark: //thinks// "I'm screwed..."


*Was helping you tape posters up until he fell off the ladder and landed on top of you* *Mark walks in...* Mark: "What was that loud thud-" *sees the situation* "..." JB: //thinks// "this is the crap you see in infomercials..."


This wasn't the first occurance where Jackson was caught doing something weird...
Occurance one: When some guy did this... "I can explain..."
Occurance 2: When he was reading adult magazines "I can explain..."
Occurance 3: When he had a donkey in his room "I can explain..."
Now: *JB walks in on you two* (I'm sorry for it to be like this but pretend you're the dog...) "I can exp-" JB: "Don't, it doesn't matter at this point..."


*You trip and he catches you but either way you both fall on each other* *Bambam walks in...* *Junior does aegyo to distract Bambam*
Bambam: "Don't try to save yourself from this hyung..." Junior: "No I swear! Nothing happened! Nothing was GOING to happen! We're still pure!" *Pats your head to state his point*


*you two were walking down the hall until he trips on his shoelace, loses balance and pins you to the wall to catch himself* *junior, jackson, and Bambam walk by* Jackson: “Watchya doin’ there?…”
Youngjae: *tries to play it cool* “She had… an eyelash in her eye… so I… was just trying to… help her get it out…”


*You two were chillin’ on the couch until you stand up to get a drink but trip on his legs thus falling on top of him…* *Mark and Jackson walk in* Jackson and Mark in unison: “Look who’s a big boy now~~~Gettin’ all the ladies~~~”
(has 2 slides ) Bambam: *plays along* (pretend you are Mark) "Would you mind giving us some space?"
(has 2 slides)


*After his practice you two hangout at the dorm and he has terrible coordination after hours of practice so he trips on his own feet and falls on top of you* *Junior walks in* Junior: “WHAT AM I SEEING WITH MY OWN TWO EYES???” *speed walks towards towards the two of you* “I JUST VACUUMED RIGHT THERE!!!” *leaves the room furiously* Yugyeom: "That went better than expected..."
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