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Today in the News...

1. Obama talks about drugs. Weed like to see what he’s going to do in the War on Drugs.
2. New Horizons team reacts to the photos of Pluto. They orb pretty dang excited about all of it.
3. Amazon hosted a pretty big sale today. Let’s just say the sale could’ve featured more Prime products.
4. A man from China gets plastic surgery to look like Kim Jong Un. He really dictated what he wanted his face to look like.
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yeah, most of the amazon products on sale actually really sucked.
Hahaha I guess it goes either way for people buying stuff from Amazon. I like to stick to eBay for the crap stuff... @jokes @drwhat :)
Omg or Etsy. Etsy has WONDERFULLY crap stuff.
@jokes I love buying crap products so it was great for me. /s
Ohgosh I forgot about ETSY! @danidee the BEST crappy stuff
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