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Siri supports Caitlyn Jenner

Guess What? Even Siri loves Caitlyn Jenner!

Not only is Caitlyn Jenner accepting an ESPY award tonight but she is also receiving the correct identification from her digital Apple gal pal, Siri.
Siri is supporting Caitlyn Jenner and it's the coolest technology discovery of the day! Siri has been known to be somewhat sarcastic, blunt, and sometimes, insanely rude. But Siri doesn't mess around when it comes to acknowledging recent events by updating to whats going on.
Siri will now automatically correct anyone who refers to 'Bruce' or Caitlyn's gender.

Not only does Siri recognize Caitlyn Jenner, but accepts her.

As you can see, it shows the Wiki page that reads, "Caitlyn Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner on October 28, 1949).

Siri is correcting all of the haters with grace.

"The answer is female."
"Caitlyn Jenner is 6'2" tall."
The only question that hasn't been updated is "How old is Bruce Jenner?" and Siri responds, "Bruce Jenner is 65." Siri hasn't developed enough yet to say, "Did you mean Caitlyn Jenner?" when asked about 'Bruce'. But the corrections so far have been made in the right direction!
Siri hasn't always been LGBT friendly in the past.
It seems that Siri changes its answers depending on country, and language. In April, when asked in Russian about gay marriage and gay bars, Siri responded with homophobic answers such as, "I believe this emotion should be considered negative." Since Siri takes information from language data bases around the globe, it suggests that Russian sources have created homophobic material that Siri unknowingly uses for responses.
On a side note, Caitlyn Jenner's documentary series 'I Am Cait' premieres June 26th on E!
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@TessStevens yassssssss and I love it !!!! Siri is usually my sworn enemy but sometimes she does things right haha
Yes Siri!!!!!!!! This is amazing. @LizArnone have you seen this?
Woah! This is so awesome! Apple really knows how to be innovative and up to date with current issues!
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