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As soon as I discovered this, I HAD TO SHARE IT! This tutorial is the EASIEST way to dye your hair extensions. Keep in mind, this does not include the bleaching of hair extensions. I will save that for another tutorial.

You're going to need:

Blond hair extensions
Tin foil
Hair color
Brush applicator
This is what your hair extension looks like BEFORE you apply the color.
Start by laying down a few sheets of tin foil--taping down to keep in place. Mix your hair color according to manufacturer instructions.
Lay your extensions on the foil and apply the hair color with the brush applicator--brushing like you're painting. Let it sit on the hair according to manufacturer instructions.
Rinse in COLD WATER until the color runs clear from the hair. Let them DRY OUT REALLY WELL!
This is the AFTER shot.
If you have any fun or cool diy secrets to hair extensions, please share them with me! I have been growing out my hair and want to play around with extensions to see how I like them.
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She's brave for doing this indoor. I usually do any hair coloring outdoor or a well-ventilated area.