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One Directioner Louis Tomlinson is having a baby and everyone is screaming ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

He's 23 and he's having a kid with his close friend Briana Jungwirth. She's a stylist based out of Los Angeles and everyone on the internet is freaking out. It seems like One Direction can't seem to catch a break after Zayn left the band. The concerts were actually going better than before without him but it was a low blow to the fan base. And now we have one of them becoming a father which means the band may shrink down to three members...ouch.
Sources said the "surprise" has "brought them even closer" in their friendship and he has promised that he will be a "hands-on dad". Only time will tell...


Tons of memes were created while in shock. Some were hilarious (memes shown in video below).

Check out this video to get the latest scoop on his friend, baby, and the best memes circulating the internet.

Will One Direction survive another surprise?

Awwwww Congrats to the young couple! I have a feeling the band will be just fine.
Omg #tomlindad should be a thing.
I'm not sure they will be together for years considering that they don't even consider themselves "exclusive". But I don't doubt that they will be amazing parents!
I'm sure they will they have been together for years. Louis having a baby is a HUGE FREAKIN SHOCK, but they are gonna get through it xD