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Wrock On!!!!

Thank you so much to @LizArnone for reminding me of the glory that is wizarding rock. And also for sending me on a journey through my high school playlists, laughing as I remember every single word to every single one of my favorite Wrock groups' songs. It will forever be my biggest regret that I never made it to Wrock Fest.
(For those who don't know, wrock is short for wizarding rock, which is a genre of music based in and around the word of Harry Potter!)

These were my 3 absolute favorite songs from my wrock loving phase, and they're the only three that still remain on my iTunes these days. What can I say? I really like them!

The Moaning Myrtles - And Then I Died

"Get out of the bathroom you're really creepy! You're not a girl and you don't belong here!!"
This song has everything I loved about wizarding rock. It really gets into the mind of a character in a situation where we didn't get that much of an in depth look. It's got an interesting melody. And, it's funny! I always chuckle when it speeds up...

The Parselmouths - What Kind of Name is Hermione?

"What kind of name is Hermione? It makes me think of something whiney (like cats)"
Again, I love that this song took on a perspective that some people probably had in the school, but we didn't necessarily get to see. I also love the back and forth between the two voices of the Parselmouths--almost like a ridiculous, musical conversation about our dear Hermione.

The Whomping Willows- Wizard Rock Heart Throb

"He's not as cute as Alex Carpenter, but then again....who is?"
I'm gonna be honest when I say most people probably won't get this song and probably won't love it like I do. But. I do love it. This was the ultimate song that actually talked about the Wrock world. Alex Carpenter is of the Remus Lupins (another wrock band) and various other cute boys from the other groups (like Draco and the Malfoys) are mentioned, too. As a high school girl who was totally crushing on all of these dudes, this song was my life for a while.
There's a surprisingly large number of wrock playlists on 8tracks if you're dying for more! Enjoy!
@hikaymm never such a thing as regret when it comes to Harry Potter
@LizArnone I expect to be on 8tracks for the next week reliving this part of my life. No regrets.
@shannonl5 They're so clever and so sassy and so talented I won't ever get over it hahahaha
YASSSS TO ALL OF THIS!!! I completely forgot all about the Parselmouths (my friends first choice of wizard rockers) my love for Harry potter just went from an external flame to an all out forest fire again!!! This could get obsessive real quick....
Yesss bring back wrock The Parselmouths are my JAM
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