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I'm looking for tips on how to get points on Vingle. My point thing isn't updating (it's been stuck for a week? NOTHING has changed!) so I'm running in this competition blind xD
So since I'm running blind, I figured it'd be smart to ask yall for tips? Since it's a competition it's cool if no one wants to divulge anything, buuuuuut I'd love the help lol
Also, if you had any idea why my "this months" points thing isn't updating for ANYONE (not just my position, the whole thing has stayed the same for a week) that would be helpful hahahaha
I have more photos than stuff to say... LOL also, when I had first seen this I could have SWORN it said "oppa approves" xD
I feel like this picture needs to have more to it cause this is just too awesome.
@JazzyPie, that's about how I feel as well hahahahaha I never expected to win, but it's fun to try. And Vingle is actually really fun, I love it here.
Hey guys!! Points update every 24 hours but with the CRAZY influx of new users it might take a little longer than that - all your points will be counted though :) ALSO you can lose points if your cards are reported as irrelevant to the community or if you are caught just spamming cards with likes and clips~
@poojas Thanks, that helps alot ! ❤ I'm still not sure if my ranking is stuck or if that's where it's supposed to be, but I'll keep trying and hope for the best :) Thanks again!!
Views are different from V points. Views are just the amount of times your cards have been viewed by someone. V points are your points for interacting in a community. Here's how you get V points. - Getting a like or clip on your post. - Getting followers on your collections. - Liking or clipping other members' card. - Getting likes on your comment.
@jannatd93, maybe Vingle is just having a hard time keeping up because of all of the new members who joined for the contest xD We have crashed the app! We broke it! xD xD
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